Nigerian craft products professionally made for quality living. Beautify your surroundings with top notch wicker furniture and baskets
Hamsatu Aliyu-Afegbua - Founder, Yasmin Crafts
Hamsatu Aliyu-Afegbua - Founder, Yasmin Crafts
Our History
Yasmin Crafts was founded in 2018, by Hamsatu Aliyu-Afegbua, an African architect with a passion for creating eco-friendly crafted storage and lifestyle pieces, using simple crafting techniques along with natural and recycled raw materials sourced locally in Nigeria, West Africa. Our production methods use little amounts of energy and is great for the environment! We also minimise waste in our processes. As a young girl growing up in northern Nigeria, Hamsatu was surrounded by indigenous local crafts processes such as coiled raffia basketry, incense making by hand, traditional African waist beads and local tie & dye techniques which greatly influenced her decision to later launch a crafts business, to showcase African crafts to the world.
Our Products
We are based in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja & over 75% of our handcrafters are the local women artisans around us. Our products were hand made by these local artisans and we ensure that a percentage of the sales we make goes directly to these women as a source of livelihood for themselves and their families. All our products are:


Natural & Recycled Materials

Made in Nigeria

Our Techniques
We produce a wide range of products using various techniques such as:
  • Basket Weaving
  • Crocheting
  • Leatherwork
  • Beadwork
  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Carving
  • Incense & Perfume Making
As our slogan indicates, we are “empowered by nature” since we rely heavily on nature’s abundant resources to procure materials for our work. We harvest these raw materials locally from our environment. Materials such as natural raffia, bamboo, sandal wood, tigernut, grasses, yarn, animal hides & skin, natural plant dyes and beads made from recycled materials are some of the raw materials we utilise to produce beautiful, long lasting crafted products for everyday use. Our goal is to promote a more sustainable solution by providing natural handmade products for every day use.
Customer Service – Our Core Value
For us, customer service isn’t implemented in one department of our brand, it is the responsibility of the entire Yasmin Team to be of excellent service to you in whatever sales or inquiry process you initiate. We know the power of one good referral and we value each and every client that does business with us. Click here to read recent reviews about our products and customer service.
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